with a heavy heart…

It is with a heavy heart that we announce Surfing for Autism’s events in July 2020 are cancelled. This emotionally heavy decision was not made lightly. We are humbled that your overwhelming support has shaped an event that is so engaging that we had to take these difficult steps. Surfing for Autism brings hundreds of people in close contact at the Silent Auction, Friday’s Banquet, and the beach on Saturday. Even if we reduce the number of participants and volunteers, the nature of the surfing activity does not allow for safe social distancing. Safety has always been a priority for us and it’s simply something we will not compromise; even as much as we would love to see everyone and create more awesome SFA memories.


we are offering some creative opportunities everyone can connect, but we need your help!

We would LOVE to put a video together of our SFA family! All you need to do is to send a picture of the participant, sibling, family and/or volunteer sharing what you most love about SFA. You can get creative in how the picture conveys that by holding a simple paper or poster, writing it in chalk outside, airplane banner, anything your creative mind comes up with. Please email that picture to We can’t wait to put those together in a video to share with everyone on Facebook!

We would LOVE to highlight and spotlight our participants, volunteers and sponsors! Take a couple of minutes to fill out this simple form and provide a picture we can share on Facebook. We hope this will be a fun way of getting to know each other better while celebrating together.

participants volunteers sponsors

We are crushed by the situation but hope together, we can make the best of a difficult time. We look forward to your responses and stay tuned for additional activities as the details get worked out. We’ll see you virtually soon! Stay safe!!