Weather Policy


(updated July 8)

Right now, the event is too far out to give an accurate report. Be patient. It’s coming.
For live, day-of-the-event weather responses, follow Surfing For Autism on Facebook.

Air Temp // mid-80’s (average)
Water Temp // 79º (average)
Rain // too early to tell
Wind // usually a little breezy
Tide // High – 7:03am / Low – 1:02pm


If it’s raining the day of the event, everything will continue as scheduled. We know the last thing you want to do when you come to the beach is get wet but we can all push through this inconvenience together.

Temporary Dangerous Surf Conditions

If the surf conditions are dangerous, the event will be put on hold for those surfing heats. Once conditions improve, the event will continue with those impacted heats being added to the end of the day’s scheduled heats. The final scheduled heats for the day end at 1pm. Rescheduled heats would begin at 1pm.

Continued Dangerous Surf Conditions

If the weather or surf conditions dictate we change the date of the surfing event, we will cancel and not reschedule.

Severe Weather

A lifeguard from Nags Head Ocean Rescue is always present at the event and will determine what we need to do to remain safe on the beach in the case of severe weather (lighting, rough surf, rip currents, etc.). We will follow the lifeguards instructions to remain safe. This may mean adjusting heat times or cancelling heats.